dj / producer

about nexetuku

Always searching, never resting, I discovered the psychedelic music scene somewhere around 2010. After being swept away by the Flow of things, my search expanded in this neverending field. I started experimenting with DJing in 2012 when I organised my first party. After that I played at different private locations here and there and also several outdoor parties and in most of the psy clubs in the center of the country. DJing alone wasn’t enough, so one year later I decided to try producing psychedelic tracks. A whole new world opened with all of it’s unlimited possibilities and ever since I’ve been searching for the right Sound trying different approaches and gathering knowledge to perfect my skill.

My DJ sets have an eclectic nature with different elements and styles, depending on the situation and energy. I invite the dancer on a journey where I like to build layers of stories intertwining throughout the set, my focus is not on any particular style – I try to create atmospheric dance enviroments with unorthodox patterns with exchanging complexity and always travelling between a more ‘positive’ and a more ‘negative’ side with a preferable outcome. You can hear various tracks from well-established artists and a lot of underground, also unreleased, music from different parts of the world from East to West. Where I feel best is between 140 and 150 beats per minute but of course there are no limitations 🙂

Stay tuned for more music!
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